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Crochet Plush Commissions- Fall 2013

Did somebody say "crochet plushies?" You're in the right place!

(Sales permission from PKMN Collectors, granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10.)
Feedback thread here:


So you're interested in a Pokemon crochet plush? Awesome! Come right this way...

To get a slot for my commissions, there are a few things you'll need to do:

-First, comment on this post, specifying what you'd like me to make! Let me know which pokemon you'd like, how you'd like it to look (if you have anything particular in mind, such as a certain pose or style, maybe chibi-fied or like a Pokedoll or whatnot), and any specific details (does your OC pokemon have any distinguishing details? Are they Shiny? Pretty much anything you'd want me to include).

-After you've requested a plush, I'll reply to your comment and let you know if I am able to do the commission as well as give you an estimated cost. We'll also work out any design questions or specifications in this step.

-Once we've decided on all the details, I'll ask you to reserve your slot by paying a flat fee of $15. I will not add your name to the list without this payment. The $15 helps to cover material costs for your plush (yarn, stuffing, etc), paypal fees, and goes towards gas spent going to the craft store to buy your materials. :) No matter how simple or complicated your plush, the fee for reserving a slot is ALWAYS $15.

-Now you wait for me to get to your slot; the higher on the list you are, the sooner I'll get to you. Once I've finished working on your slot, I'll bill you for the actual plush. The cost for a plush ranges from $45-65. Of course, this price fluctuates depending on the complexity of the pokemon (ex, voltorb will be much cheaper than Reshiram, lol).

-So, I've finally finished your doll- YAY! I'll send you some photos of it and then you can let me know if there's anything you'd like changed or whatever. Once everything's all set, I'll bill you for the cost of the plush itself and for shipping (shipping costs vary for each plush; this price will cover shipping materials and the actual shipping cost at the post office). If there's a certain speed of postage you'd like me to use, let me know and I'll alter the price accordingly.

SO, there are three different payments for your plush:
*$15 flat fee to reserve your slot and pay for materials
*$45-65 for the actual plush/price for making the plush (varies depending on the pokemon)
*Shipping and packaging from me to you! <3


Please click the banner to see my deviantart page, where you can see some of my past commissions. <3

Other Notes:
I only accept Paypal at this time, to firstmatekate@gmail.com.
(However, if you cannot use Paypal for some reason, just let me know and we'll try to work something out. <3)

My plush come from a smoke-free home, but NOT pet-free. We have cats and dogs, but I don't let them get to my yarn. However, people with allergies may want to think twice before ordering.

I invite you to please leave feedback at the end of our transaction. If you would like me to do the same for you, simply let me know and I'll be happy to comply! :)

I am NOT open for trades at this time, unless you have something I REALLY want from my wishlist.

If you have any questions or comments or whatever, please don't hesitate to comment below or PM or email me! I want everyone to come away from this happy, and I'll gladly work with you to get everything right. <3

Thanks so much for your interest! <3

PKMN Sales, Hugs Inc- Summer 2012

***Updated previous sales; new photos, slightly newer stock, etc.
Also, non-pokemon items are in their own sales post, as per the PKMN Collectors rules. You may combine items from each post, however!

(Sales Permission for PKMN Collectors, granted by dakajojo on Nov 10, 2010)

Sales Feedback - Here

Welcome to Hugs Inc., my own sales page for Pokemon goodies!

Before you continue, please read through my rules and information section below, to ensure a smooth shopping process!
I ship from the U.S.
I only accept Paypal at this time, to firstmatekate@gmail.com. (If you cannot use Paypal and you want to buy something, please just let me know and we may be able to work something out! <3)
I will hold items for up to 24 hours; willing to hold longer if necessary, just ask! (Does not apply to auctions, please see below.)
If you would like an item, please comment with the name of the items and your zipcode/country. I will then get back to you with a total plus shipping and fees. Please let me know if you change your mind on an item so that I can know whether or not to free it up in case someone else expresses interest in it.
When sending Paypal payment, please help me out by including your username and what you bought in the notes/memo section, thank you!
I am open to trades, offers, and haggling, but I have a right to accept or refuse anything. My wants list can be found here.

With auctions, please be ready to pay IMMEDIATELY upon the auction's end if you are the highest bidder (there are no exceptions to this). If payments are not paid within one week of an auction's end, I will offer the item to the second highest bidder.

Failure to pay for items from sales or auctions within one week, (sales' holds notwithstanding), may result in negative feedback on PKMN Collectors.

Feel free to comment or message me with any questions you may have! I am happy to work with you! :D

Sales items and more under the cut!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask for extra info or close-up photos of anything! <3

Non-Pokemon Sales

(Same rules apply as listed on my PKMN Collector's Sales post, seen here. Please check the rules out before asking about items. You may combine items from here and the pokemon stuff, and you may post requests for items on either thread. Thanks!)

**willing to haggle on pretty much everything. Lols.

Items under the cut!Collapse )

Dear lj friends:

My livejournal is going to be taken over by multiple Pokemon-related posts in the very near future. Just a fair warning. :)

Pokemon Wishlist- for pkmn collectors

Here are some of the things I'm currently looking for or simply want to have. :3 I'll probably take any of these as a trade/partial trade for plush commissions or future sales as well. (I'll take the current going price for each object and subtract that from the commission total.)

Thanks for taking the time to look this over! <3

-Charizard-line <3 <3 <3
-Team Rocket
-The "Roaring Dialga"
-Koffing- line
-Ekans- line
-Pokemon Center (with nurse chansey)

-Flareon canvas plush
-Oshawott pokedoll
-Tepig pokedoll
-Talkie Pokabu/Tepig <3 <3 <3
-Sleeping meowth beanie plush

-Slowpoke Pokemontime Coin Bank
-Osaka "lucky" Meowth ceramic coin bank <3 <3
-Shiny hasbro charizard figure <3 <3
-Flareon TFG figure
-Nurse chansey lock

-Anything Pokemontime Charmander themed
-Anything Houndoom/houndour, honchkrow, charizard, or NURSE chansey <3
-Anything from the Osaka Meowth festival promotion
-Anything TEAM ROCKET. <3

Pokemon Collection Update

Friends... ignore this. This is for the pkmn collectors community. XD ... Unless of course you like pokemon and want to share in the randomness.

Massive Collection Post!! Whee!


(This is from BEFORE joining the community... it can only get worse from here! :D)
Complete with half-cropped-out Sailor Moon mini wall scroll! :O
Stuff under the cut!Collapse )
So..... I haven't used this since February. And I probably won't use this much at all anymore.

If you do want to hear more about me in the future, just go see me on facebook. If you know me, you know who to search for. <3

So yeah.... just saying farewell for now to livejournal. (Although I'm going to be using the pokemon collector's group starting today. That's about it. lols.)

Toodles! :D

Hugs Incorporated...

So I've been working a lot lately on really finally setting up my etsy shop. :D

I've changed my mind away from selling sculpey creations and jewelry.... because its too hard to make each piece perfect. So! I'm going to make cute little felt creations as keychains, magnets, phonecharms, screen cleaners, etc. (And possibly crochet/amigurumi things, of course.)

Anyway. I've got the shop looking all nice on the etsy page, and I even have bags and official shop magnets and stuff to include with every order... now I just need to make the actual inventory. :P

I've made a separate blog for the shop, too; it's namely for me to keep up with everything I've done/bought for the shop, and I guess I'll use it more once the shop actually opens officially. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:

Uhm.... now that I've started typing, I'm realizing I don't have anything to say really.... so I'm gonna go finish that english paper instead.

Toodles <3

"I'm a bear!"

So I haven't had a rightful update since... early october? Damn. I used to update xanga like every other day. What's wrong with me?! D:

Oh well. I'm typing now, and that's all that matters, right? ... Right. Anyway, lets move on.

So I've been preoccupied with Pokemon recently. It always draws me back in with the sweet allure of adorable creatures and noob-crushing pwnage. Sigh! But seriously. If you ever need to find me a present for whatever reason, just go on ebay and type in "pokemon plush." (That's pretty much what Neil does. xD) Like, my desk is covered in plushies. And most of them are new, thanks to Neil. Haha. And then there's that giant pikachu cushion on my bed, that I bought myself. >.>;; But its AMAZING; its huge, uber soft, and adorable beyond words. <3 ... anyway, yeah, I've been playing the games again, too. And the new games come out in March. (HeartGold and SoulSilver FTW.) Meaning I'll be obsessed with Pokemon at least until the end of next month or so. Its pretty bad. I'm 19. And my room is covered in stuffed animals and figures and toys. And yet I love every part of it. Sigh!

Though maybe it'll all be worth it when I get to go work at GameFreak or Nintendo or something. And then I can go, "HA! I was on the right track all along."

(This could be me one day. I can't decide if that's terrifying, or terrifyingly awesome.)

So, life. It's been so-so. School is fairly easy. I don't ever like talking about school because its not very exciting. And my classes aren't exactly awesome and meaningful. Though Japanese 2 is pretty entertaining, thanks to my guys. Our corner of the class is me and four other guys, Keontaye, Josh Crusa, and new buds Roger and Donald. And they're -hilarious- together. I always look forward to that class just to listen to those guys.

And apparently I make "special" brownies now. Or at least Josh and Donald seem to think so. I think I should go to class with a thing of brownies just to see what they say. Hmm.


Hm. Now I know why I don't do blogs anymore... I never know what to write about. o_O I mean, my life is pretty much just go to class, talk to Neil, play video games, eat, shower, sleep, repeat. And watch Heroes on Monday nights. Though the season finale is this monday, so after that, I won't have anything to look forward to on Mondays. D: (and I'm scared that they might cancel the show. Apparently its ratings haven't been any good since season 1, but.... I just love it. D: So I really really REALLY hope they don't kill it. I need my weekly Sylar fix!)

(It's true.)


Ah! I know. Let's talk more about AWA-Con. :D

I reserved a hotel room for AWA last week. :D And yes, its a room at the Renaissance Waverly. aka, the hotel where the convention takes place. YAY. Last year, we stayed the night at a hotel a few streets away... but this year, we'll able to shop, go back to the room and drop our stuff off, repeat a few times..... It'll be fantastic. Plus we're staying two nights, so we'll be at the convention for all three days. EEEEE. Though the room is fairly expensive, even with the AWA-discount. ($119 per night!) Martina and Neil and I are planning on splitting the costs (so it'll be like $91 a person for the entire stay). Of course, this is assuming that Neil can in fact go... apparently its the same weekend as... yom kippur? or some other jewish holiday. He's not very religious himself, but he's afraid his mom might not let him go. Buuuut we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

AWA con is like the highlight of my year. <3 So I'm praying that everything goes according to plan. (And I've been planning A LOT.) *crosses fingers!*

I already bought a costume, too. :D Its a cosplay of Kikyo from Inuyasha, though it could easily double as Rei Hino from Sailor Moon, too. I'm tempted to pull off a weekend of Sailor Mars.... like, get an actual Sailor Mars suit for one day, wear the priestess outfit another day, and maybe even make her Princess Mars dress for the AWA Ball, if we end up going to that as well.

(Compare... Kikyo on the left, Rei on the right. I could be both of them... *shrug*)

Or I'll just be Kikyo. That's cool, too. Its a comfy outfit. I still need sandals, tabi, and a wig, but I've got a few months to get them.

Though I'd still love to be Fantina from Pokemon, too, especially for the ball. But I'd need to find a purple ball gown and somehow style a wig to look like her complicated hair. Alas.

So I think I've rambled enough for this post.

I guess I'll end by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day next Sunday, cause I probably won't post again very soon. :P But seriously, learn to take advantage of Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a cuddle buddy. Go hug someone. Eat some chocolate anyway. Hell, go talk to that boy/girl you've had your eye on for a while, and don't be afraid to love. I definitely regret being too shy or scared in the past and missing out on the perfect guy, so I encourage everyone to get out there. (Wow, how cheesy and hokey was THAT? Then again, I am Katie, and Katie + cheese... well, you know. Ha.)

Uh, yeah. So toodles for now. <3


Bears need love, too, Neil. :(

Steals from Meg?

I love random survey type things like these. They're perfect for when you should be studying for a final tomorrow but you're on the internet instead. :D

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
Big Meowth, little Meowth, Big Meeko, little Meeko, Mr. Pen Pen, Steve, Adrian, Murasaki, Pikachu, Cherrim, and the occasional cat. :D (btw, yes, those are all plushies. Except for the cats.)

What did you last eat?
Tombstone pepperoni pizza. Om nom nom.

What kind of books do you read?
Uhm. Usually fantasy books. And manga. I haven't read anything in a whole though. The last book I read was Linda Nochlin's Realism, for an art history class. It was pretty awful.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
In bed sleeping. Ha. Or at Neil's house, bothering him. :D

What's the last book you read?
... I just told you before. Sheesh.

Name one odd item within five feet of you.
Oh boy. Just one? Have you SEEN my desk? ... Ok, uhm... a jar holding the last remnants of candy corn from Halloween. Ew.

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Heroes, crochet, Christmas decorating, Phoenix Wright. :D

What did you really want to do today that you didn't?
Hang out with Neil and/or go shopping. Sigh.

What are you most excited for?
CHRISTMAS! :D I exclaim that everytime I see holiday decorations and lights and stuff. I yell it like Flapjack yells "Adventure!"

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
yahoo, gmail, facebook, cougarnet for school, etsy - more often than not

What was the last thing you bought?
Presents on amazon.com this morning

If you could have any pet, what would it be?
I currently want a hamster. >>

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Blow it. Buy parents a new house. Go see all the pieces of art I want to see (I have a list!). Go crazy at AWA con. :D

What do you want right this minute, off the top of your head?
a red velvet sandwich cookie

Where is the place you like to return to in order to calm down/relax/etc.?
my bed. where i can sleep. :D

What's one thing that terrifies you that nobody else gets?
Escalators, ladders, and bugs. A lot of people may understand the bug thing, but not Neil. >> But that's another story.

What's something you'd like to watch right now?
Heroes or Venture Bros.

Are there any bits of childhood that you miss?
Sure, lots. I mainly miss the good cartoons from back in the day. And I miss being involved with Pokemon when it was at the peak of its madness (around the time of the first movie and when gold/silver came out... ah, good days...)

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Well I wasn't tagged. But I did steal it from Megatron, so.... Hiiiiiiiii Meg! :D